You’re Scared To Start A Podcast

Do you know why I only take a select few clients each month?

And those spots are filling up, BTW.

Because not everyone is ready to be a successful podcaster.

You heard me say this before-it’s hard.

- Hard to know where to start

- Hard to dial in the ideas and strategies

- Hard to learn all the different technologies

- Hard to set the right branding

- Hard to do the producing and editing

And I put a lot of work into each student.

But this next part may surprise you…

Many of those who ARE ready don’t realize it.

They feel like impostors…

Which is a good thing…

Fear is a good thing.

Butterflies in your stomach is a good thing.

Anxiety is a good thing.

And you thinking this post isn’t for you and wanting to delete it right now is a good thing.

(Please not yet though. Gimme a minute.)

If you have any of those fears, and that’s what’s holding you back…

Let me give you my opinion.

Maybe you are ready.

Maybe you don’t know it yet.

Maybe you’re just waiting for permission.

And if you’re not ready, that’s OK.

I’ll tell you.

I’m not going to force you into my program.

I’ll simply tell you you’re not ready if I feel that’s the case.


Worst case scenario, you get a little advice.

Best case, we work together.

Wouldn’t you like to find out where you stand?

Don’t you want to know how much fun and success you could be having in your podcasting?

And how this might be for you?

Aren’t you the least bit curious?

Embrace it.

Let’s find out.

Schedule a call with me here:




I help people start a podcast. Podcaster. Author. Speaker. Digital Storyteller.

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Sebastian Rusk

Sebastian Rusk

I help people start a podcast. Podcaster. Author. Speaker. Digital Storyteller.

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